Working with the customers and clients to:

  • Provide Qualified Quotations from our wide range of existing suppliers to meet your product needs.
  • stuffHelp develop the products to meet our manufacturing capabilities.
  • Support Sales, Engineering and Plant Management in the development of new products and manufacturing processes.
  • Provide assistance to the purchasing staff in the procurement of special product’s that may be required for the development of new business opportunities.
  • Support your engineering team with regular updates on new manufacturing technologies and capabilities.

Business philosophy:

  • Direction One; Is spending significant time with the customer to learn about their manufacturing and product requirements and then promote those needs to the manufacturers of those products.
  • screws-handDirection Two; Invest in face time with the supplier and customer to assure everyone understands the requirements and capabilities for the production and use of the product.

Action Steps:

  • Introduce customers to the manufacturers products and process capabilities.
  • Assist in the introduction of new products and processes using our engineered sales approach; Economics through Innovation and Design for Manufacturability.
  • Improve current customer and supplier confidence as needed.
  • Increase the manufacturers competitive position through innovative product development, engineered solutions and reduced selling costs.
  • Provide customers with new process options and optimum product satisfaction.
  • Improve customer and supplier confidence through the quick development of competitive quotations, consistent follow up, and quality service.