About Us


cold-partMike Shutt, president and founder of MS Manufacturing-Solutions LLC has more than 40 years experience in manufacturing process and product design. He has excellent working knowledge of products and manufacturing process in automotive, industrial and commercial industries. His common sense approach has provided excellent results in the development of cost savings through process innovation and supplier development.

Mike provides sales, procurement and product development services for a diversified group of Domestic and Global Manufacturing Companies producing; Plastic Injection Mold producing: Precision Plastic Injection Molds and molded products, Special Cold Formed Parts and Fasteners, and precision Machined produces through a Domestic and Global Network of Manufacturers.

The Company Overview

It is our manufacturing experience, technical expertise, and a network of domestic and global manufacturers, that gives us the unique ability to offer the customer a single contact for a variety of products and processes. This support system allows us to provide the customer with the optimal supply solution for a variety of engineered components.

machineOur service provides the customer with the best-equipped, most efficient, manufacturer to produce their products. The parts they purchase will be “made to print” and to conform to the appropriate material process specifications. The objective of this company is to always provide the products at the lowest possible cost with the highest quality and on time on a continual basis. You will always pay the least for the best.

By providing both domestic and global sourcing capabilities, we can support the customer in their need to improve their supply base capabilities. MS Manufacturing-Solutions will emphasize the qualified development of strategic suppliers to meet those needs.

Cost reduction goals are continually being requested and the development of Qualified Domestic and Global Manufacturers will help us meet those goals. Our Supply Chain Management Process is used to develop the linkage between each element of production, from raw material to the finished product. We believe this business model, providing part development, process optimization and supplier development will support and increase our competitive edge and meet the customer needs.

We are continually working with our clients and customers to:

  • Assist in the research and development of new products and to help Identify new process opportunities.
  • Maintain current knowledge of domestic and global manufacturing capabilities, and pricing structures.
  • Coordinate product development activity with engineering, manufacturing and plant personnel to achieve cost effective design and performance solutions.
  • Research and recommend new technologies based on assessments of their manufacturing capabilities, quality requirements, performance, cost, delivery and service.
  • Help to identify continuous improvement ideas that will support the customer in achieving their product design solutions and cost reduction goals.